About Monica Reid Photography

First of all thank you for considering me to be your photographer. I ask that you to read about my style of photography then if you feel this is for you, please give me a call.

I am different than most photographers in this area; I'm an all-natural light, on location either in your home or your chosen location, if unsure I have lots of great locations that you can choose from. I do have a portable studio that can be used in your house or mine, although I normally reserve that for newborns, I like to see Children Explore.

I'm super easy to get to know and I LOVE children! I'm a candid, natural, un-posed, casual, fresh, FUN, real photographer. I have an assistant that comes to most of the shoots, his name is Brent and he happens to be my Husband.

My main goal in EVERY shoot be it Maternity, Children, Engagement, Bridal (the sky is the limit) is to capture YOUR life and emotions straight from the heart. I genuinely like my customers and end up being friends with almost everyone. I love getting to know you and your children. With children I interact with them at first and get to know them so they are more comfortable with my camera and me. I push myself hard and the only person working should be me, you and your family should be having fun, not stressed out. I will never hurry you or POSE you uncomfortably, I am relaxed and want you to be relaxed as well. I want to see REAL smiles, laughter, basically the REAL you.

My sessions last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the child, location, etc.
If it takes longer that is fine too. Newborns may need a nap, eat, etc. Older Children may need a break or a snack and that is OK, in fact I encourage it. In the end I want to deliver you beautiful prints, but also to provide a fun, custom experience that your whole family will enjoy from start to finish. I want you to enjoy our time.
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